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I Palindrome I

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I Palindrome I

* I Palindrome I
* Cabbagetown
* Siftin'
* Larger Than Life

I Palindrome I

Someday mother will die and I'll get the money
Mom leans down and says, "My sentiments exactly,
you son of a bitch"
I palindrome I
and I am a snake head eating
the head on the opposite side
I palindrome I

see that bulletproof dress hanging from the clothesline
see the medical chart with the random zig-zag
now I'll help it decide
I palindrome I

"Son I am able," she said "though you scare me."
"Watch," said I
"beloved," I said "watch me scare you though." said she,
"able am I, Son."

See the spring of the grandfather clock unwinding
See the hands of my offspring making windmills
Dad palindrome Dad
I palindrome I


I was laying on the porch
As the bus drove by
Just talking to the dog
About thinking to myself
There are so many big ideas
We could talk about
But nothing that gets said
Gets us out of Cabbagetown
Oh, Cabbagetown
Oh, Cabbagetown
I will leave and I'll return
Oh, Cabbagetown
I talked to my old granddad
As he fell into the sea
He said time and tide are one thing
That no one understands
I talked to my uncle Jack
As he tried to talk to me
With a bottle in one hand
And another in the other
Oh, Cabbagetown
Oh, Cabbagetown
I will leave and I'll return
Oh, Cabbagetown


Larger Than Life

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