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They'll Need A Crane

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They'll Need A Crane

* They'll Need A Crane
* It's Not My Birthday
* I'll Sink Manhattan
* Nightgown of the Sullen Moon

They'll Need A Crane

Love sees love's happiness
But happiness can't see that love is sad
Sadness is hanging there
To show love somewhere something needs a change
They'll need a crane, they'll need a crane
To take the house he built for her apart
To make it break it's gonna take a metal ball hung from a chain
They'll need a crane, they'll need a crane
To pick the broken ruins up again
To mend her heart, to help him start to see a world apart from pain
Lad's gal is all he has
Gal's gladness hang upon the love of lad
Some things gal says to lad
Aren't meant as bad but cause a little pain
Don't call me at work again
No no, the boss still hates me
I'm just tired and I don't love you anymore
And there's a restaurant we should check out, where the other nightmare people
like to go-I mean nice people, baby wait, I didn't mean to say nightmare
Lad looks at other gals
Gal thinks Jim Beam is handsomer than lad, he isn't bad
Call off the wedding band
Nobody wants to hear that one again, play that again

It's Not My Birthday

Well the rain falls down without my help I'm afraid
And my lawn gets wet though I've withheld my consent
When this grey world crumbles like a cake
I'll be hanging from the hope
That I'll never see that recipe again
As I walk, I think about a new way to walk
As I think, I'm using up the time left to think
And this train keep rolling off the track
Trying to act like something else
Trying to go where it's been uninvited
It's not my birthday
It's not today
It's not my birthday, so why do you lunge out at me?
When the word comes down "Never more will be around"
Though I'll wish we were there, I was less than we could bear
And I'm not the only dust my mother raised
So, I'm rattling the bars around this drink tank
Discreetly I should pour through the keyhole or evaporate completely
But there'd be no percentage, and there'd be no proof
And the sound upon the roof is only water

I'll Sink Manhattan

I'll sink Manhattan
Right under the sea
I'll find the sweetest spot to watch
As it goes away
You were so happy
With the things that you said
Like, "He's my lower half," you laughed
Now you're going to cry
A river of tiny tears flow from your crocodile eyes
Too late to apologize, I say, as flood waters rise
I'll sink Manhattan
I'll sacrifice friends
I think they'd understand my plan
I'll never be sure
I've got a message
So before I get through
I'll find your answering machine
And I'll sink it first
Burn your forget-me-nots
Admit that true love can die
No, I won't apologize, my love, just kiss me good-bye

Nightgown of the Sullen Moon

Fell in the door
And you fell on the floor
With your hand on the knob
Looking up and abruptly
Forget what you're thinking
Fire alarms go off in your head
You live in the nightgown of the sullen moon
How the windows lean into the room
In the nightgown of the sullen moon
Drug trip, it's not a drug trip so you feel a bit insulted
Space walk, it's like a space walk with the corresponding weight loss
And you're nothing but air, with your hand in the air
And your shoelaces tied up together with care
There's a feeling of boredom
Of the big whoredom
Following dressing up in the nightgown of the sullen moon
Your head is on the moon
It's not necessary to breathe
Forever is a long time

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