Quadfest I

The Search for the Missing Tower

Unfortunately, we have very little information about the first Quadfest. So, here is what we've learned over the years about the first Quadfest...

How it all began...

[Pic of Shirt] It all started when a group of students, in late 1991, had the idea for a huge campus event. An event by students, for students. This group of students had plans to hold a large campus-wide event, but they needed some support. The idea was brought before the 1993 Social Committee executive board at their annual retreat (one of the founding members of Quadfest was an executive of the Social Committee). The group of students was looking for SocComm's support to the idea and the event.

This group of students wanted an event on campus that would bring people together, and not be affiliated with any one organization. Today, this is the basic principle behind the existance of Quadfest. Quadfest is not affiliated with any organization on campus. We simply seek out the support of as many organizations as possible.

Quadfest One

The first Quadfest was a success. Starting with various events on the quad during the day, and concluding with a great show by They Might Be Giants in Harrington Auditorium. The slogan used for the daytime Quadfest events was Carpe Quad. The T-shirts had a drawing of a fist clenching a warped quad on the back and the two towers logo with the question mark (search for the third tower) on the front.

Special thanks to one of the originators of the Quadfest idea for providing most of this information

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