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Sunday's Events

Dusk * Quad Ocean's 11
Presented by SocComm Films (Free)
* According to the US Naval Observatory, "Sunset" is at 7:28pm local time and "Twilight" is at 7:58pm local time. 3% of the moons disk will be illuminated that night.

Important Parking Information

On Tuesday April 9 and Saturday April 13, there are restrictions for parking on the quad.
• Tuesday April 9 - No parking on the row adjacent to the east side of the Quad. (See the Map)
• Saturday April 13 - No parking on the Quad. (See the Map)

What's a Quadfest?

In it's infancy, Quadfest was a "campus unity event" where student organizations operated apart from other planning bodies (i.e., Student Activities). The idea was to bring together all students at WPI, graduate, undergraduate, commuters, freshmen, upperclassmen, Greeks, etc.

Today, Quadfest has remained true to its original purpose. Events take place during "Quadfest Week" (and many smaller events during the month of April), in which dozens of student organizations donate their time and effort so that every student on campus can have a great time.

The Big Show: Pat McGee

You've found the right website if you want to hear some of the songs that PMB is known for.

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