QuadFest III: Toucan Jam was, to the surprise of many, a success. Held on April 26th, 1995, Q-cubed entertained an estimated 700 students, faculty and staff from noon until 4:30, with additional events taking place from 7 until 11PM. A complete schedule of events is available, as well as a list of organizations who helped make Quadfest III possible.

While the theme was hard to stick to, the committee decided it was the best of those offered because it was fun. To tie in the theme, we purchased Toucan pinatas, which were bashed by the crowd during the evening festivities.

Your chairs for Quadfest III were Amy L. Plack, Richard Santora, and N. Harrison Ripps.

Starting at Noon on Wednesday, April 26th, 1995, the quad of the WPI campus was filled with lots of exciting things to explore. Some of the events found at Quadfest III included, but wasn't limited to:

* Airball
* Gyroscope
* Virtual Reality Games
* Fun Flicks (free music video maker)
* A SOMA demo
* Charicature Drawings
* Temporary Tatoos
* Water Balloon Toss
* Dunk Tank (to dunk RAs or Profs!)
* Live Dj, WPIR, and a Band!
* Sand Art
* Free Food, IceCream, Mocktails, etc.
* Luau (7pm-midnight!) with sand castle building, limbo, more!

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