Quadfest Committee '97

Minutes from the 2/26/97 meeting

Members Present:

Craig Hansen, Dave Koelle, Nate Howells, Michael Salcius, Kristofor Hallee, Seth Flagg, Stacey Hubbard, Sean Veale, Kimbu Wood, Wesley Blackstone, Chris Pinard, Eric Clinton, Corrie Bergren, Pete De Bonte, Jason Sykes, Renee Charpentier, Theo Van Dinter, barlow, Aimee Murawski, Steven Kaldeck, Ben Richards, Kaki Chan, Jessee Mattern, Carl Chesko, Michelle Vadeboncoeur, Greg MacLeod


The theme for Quadfest 5, as voted on by the membership is: QUADhazzard!!!!

Ranking the Novelties...

  1. Scrambler
  2. Airball
  3. Velcro Olympics
  4. Joust
  5. Airbrush
  6. Sand Art (do it ourselves?)
  7. GyroScope
  8. Temporary Tattoos (custon designs?)
  9. Make your own videos



Still... need to contact:

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