Quadfest Committee '97

Minutes from the 3/26/97 meeting

Members Present:

Craig Hansen, Dave Koelle, Nate Howells, Aimee Murawski, Jesse Mattern, Greg MacLeod, Ralph Tillinghast, Michelle Vadeboncoeur, Theo Van Dinter, Serif Ali Serefh, Jason Sykes, Chris Pinard, Wesley Blackstone, Sean Veale, Eric Clinton, barlow, Debra Greenman, Jony Laplante, Tim Doherty, Jeff Nawrocki, Jimmy Pai, Amanda Santos, Roman Ptashka, Joshua Cloutier, Jonathan Flick, William Mahoney, Michael Salcius, Seth Flagg

Favorite Cat/Dog Food

Nate's Idea

Nathan Towne-Smith proposed the idea for a Theater-In-The-Round-type event for some time during the weekend of Quadfest. The committee decided to hold the plays Friday evening, around dusk.

Derek's Idea

SGA would like to do something at Quadfest. The committee decided that SGA could/would run the Dunk Tank, Cotton Candy, and Popcorn machine. Dunk your favorite Senator!

Seth's Stuff

Seth reported that IFC had not expressed a great interest in doing something at Quadfest. DAKA said that we will have a couple distributors (such as Friendly's, Arizona Iced Tea, etc.). We do not know who we will be getting just yet. If it does the bad word that rhymes with pain, we will have the food inside. Seth needs exact space requirements for the Police Department.


  • Friday Evening: Theater and movie
  • Saturday Evening: NSCRT and Gong Show

    Other Stuff

  • WPIR will be playing music throughout the day/evening
  • EMS wants to set up a first aid station and demonstration
  • ASME want to hold a catapult design competition and launch waterballoons at your 'favorite' professor
  • MOVIE!
    Contains small words. Not suitable for children under 3

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