Quadfest Committee '97

Minutes from the 4/09/97 meeting

Members Present:

Craig Hansen, Dave Koelle, Nate Howells, Aimee Murawski, N. Tim Harrison Doherty Ripps, barlow, Josh Cloutier, Ralph Tillinghast, William Mahoney, Amanda Santos, Greg MacLeod, Seth Popinchalk, Kris Hallee, Steven Kaldeck, Mike Salcius.

Geo Commercial

The overall consensus of the Quadfest Committee was that the upside-down-and-backwards Geo Commercial LnL projected at the movie last night was pretty darn cool... in fact, it has been said to be "the best preview [they've] ever seen."

Call to Order

Aimee called the meeting to order at 6:23pm.

Roll Call

Would the secretary please call the roll... wait... we're NOT SGA!

... and a fun time was had by all.

Aimee made a funny. Ha Ha.

G'day Bruce!

Although I haven't yet had a chance to scan it in, Mike drew a nice 'Win, Lose, or Draw!' version of what we'd like to say to Bruce Schmuck.

Quadfest's Texas Bureau

The Quadfest Committee has learned that there are actually alumni out there who read our minutes (way to go Kirsty!)... WooHoo!!

Day-of and Novelty Info


Finally, we are proud to announce that our special funding request was passed by SGA last night... THANKS SGA!
Gas is on the right, brake is on the left. No bumping, no weaving

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