Quadfest 6: Mardi Gras

Thanks for making Quadfest a Success!


This Year's Theme!

This year's Quadfest will be themed around Mardi Gras. From the colors of the t-shirts to the events all day and night... we hope to bring Mardi Gras to the quadrangle. Kicking off with a movie then a costume ball Friday night, then a quad full of events on Saturday, some bands in Harrington on Saturday evening, and finishing off with our project burning night and technology smash. For more information, send us email!


Take a look at some of the different logo and t-shirt designs for this year's fest!

What You'll Find @ Quadfest VI

Check out the Master List of events and event sponsors. This list is constantly updated and should be considered correct. Only those organizations who have contacted us prior to Quadfest will be allowed to participate. No organization may collect money for any reason, and the selling of merchanidise is strictly prohibited. Everything you'll find at Quadfest is FREE, and soveneir t-shirts are available for a small fee.

Meeting Minutes

Although we're not an official WPI organization, we still like to keep track of all the neat-o stuff we discuss at our meetings. So... here, provided for your reading enjoyment, are minutes from all of our meetings so far this year.

All of the delicious minutes that follow are 100% fat free and have been inspected by our team of quality assurance professionals.

The Chairs...

The senior chairs for Quadfest this year are: There are also sub-chairs, in charge of specific tasks for this year's Quadfest. They are:
Publicity Sub-chairs
Leanne Stackpole and Renee Charpentier
Event Sub-chairs
Joshua Cloutier and Jony Laplante
Plant Services Man
Greg Murphy
Campus Police / DAKA Man
Seth Flagg

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