Quadfest Committee '98

Minutes from the 02/02/98 meeting

Members Present:

Craig Hansen, Aimee Murawski, Leanne Stackpole, Renee Chapentier, Jenny Kimball, Willy Nunn, Jesse Mattern, William Mahoney, Dan Ahles, Josh Cloutier, Amanda Santos, Sean Murphy, Greg MacLeod, Jony Laplante, Debra Greenman, Chad Tino, Gregory Murphy, Peter Gothgen, Mike Salcius

Favorite Drink

Quadfest 5... The Good...

This is what people liked about Quadfest V...

... The Bad...

And this is what people didn't like, and don't want to see back...

... and the Ugly.

Your mom.

Ideas for this year's Quadfest

Administrative Stuff...

As part of the Quadfest Committee, you are expected to take part in the planning and execution of Quadfest (which is Saturday, April 25th). In order to get a cool Quadfest crew shirt, you must attend at least half of the meetings and work Quadfest. If this doesn't happen, you don't get a cool shirt. If you just show up and help work Quadfest on the day of the event, you'll get a normal Quadfest shirt (like the ones people can buy) for free.

Quadfest is YOUR event... you guys (and gals) plan it, work it, etc. If you have an idea for Quadfest, either email us (quadfest@mudslide.net) or mention your idea at our meetings!

There is no parking or standing this side of street.

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