Quadfest Committee '98

Minutes from the 02/09/98 meeting

Members Present:

Craig Hansen, Aimee Murawski, Leanne Stackpole, Renee Charpentier, Willy Nunn, Jesse Mattern, Gregory Murphy, Josh -your mom- Cloutier, Tara Carrie, Dan -who's your daddy?- Ahles, Maureen Upton, Amber McMillan, Matt Sartin, Steven Kaldeck, Jony Laplante, Debra Greenman, Tanya Corrado, Howie Rappaport, Chris Darmetko, Jesse Halter, Chad Tino, Speros Venios, Chris Nichols, Chris Neumuier, William Mahoney, Jen Reese, Sean Smith, Ralph Tillinghast

Favorite Muppet

Organizations... and their peoples


Well, we tried to take ideas for a theme at the meeting... and we came up with a small handful. We'll be voting next week on a theme, so if you have any other ideas, please email us!


The following people were kind enough to volunteer to help with Publicity...

Josh, Dan, Matt, Willy, Tanya, Maureen, mgreg

The chairs of the publicity committee are: Leanne and Renee.

What To Do This Year...

Josh volunteered to call people about pricing and event information. Here's a list of what people want to have at Quadfest this year...
If not completely satisfied, write to Andy Rooney.

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