Quadfest Committee '98

Minutes from the 03/23/98 meeting

Members Present:

Craig Hansen, Aimee Murawski, Leanne Stackpole, Renee Charpentier, Dan Ahles (excused), Willy Nunn, Josh Cloutier, Stefan Caporale (excused), Jen Reese, Sean Smith, Kevin Boyd, Peter Gothgen, Maureen Upton, Chad Tino, Lizabeth Amaral, Greg Murphy, Amanda Santos, Ralph Tillinghast, Steven Hocurscak, Sean Murphy, Chris Neumaier, Jesse Mattern, Speros Venios, Carla Corrado, Justin Cole, Sean Donahue, barlow, Jony Laplante, Steven Kaldeck, Greg MacLeod, Michael Kingsbury, Chris Nichols, William Mahoney, Tom Winrow, Angela Maloguiras, Melanie Chabot, Meghan Sullivan, Laura Orlandi


We have received the contract for the rides/events during the day. We're getting a carnival ride, joust, velcro olympics, moonbounce, gyroscope, dunk tank, and temporary tatoos from Noon-6pm on Saturday.

SocComm's Night-time Contribution

SocComm's MSEC committee will be providing 3 bands, pool tables, air hockey tables, and a variety of arcade games in Harrington on Saturday night beginning at 8pm.

Other Stuff...

  • Slogan idea: What would you do for your beads?
  • Need a time for the Gong Show
  • Friday night - costume ball?
  • AGD is doing masks
  • Freestyle Art Contest - throw paint on sheets art type thing
  • Mussic Association - SHM, I8, Jazz?
  • WWPI will be holding a trivia contest
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