Quadfest 6

Master Events List v4.3

Here is the master events list for Quadfest VI: Mardi Gras. Make sure you or your organization show up on time!

        WHO                    WHAT                        CONTACT		  REQUIREMENTS
       -----                  ------                      ---------		 --------------
AGD			Masks				Liz Amaral		1 Table
Bacchus			Mocktails			Kris Dreyer		1 Table
Lambda Chi		Midway Events			Jesse Mattern		???
   TKE			Balloon Dart Toss		Matthew Gaffney
   ATO			Street Hockey Shoot-Out		Matthew Gaffney
   Phi Kappa Theta	Money Wheel			Andrew Cook
   Zeta Psi		Water-Balloon Toss		???
Away from Power
Lens and Lights		Popcorn, Cotton Candy		Dan Ahles		1 Table
Lens and Lights		Sound, Lights, Power		Dan Ahles		---
Masque / LnL		Masquerade Ball			Justin Cole		Riley Commons
Mu Sigma Delta		Fruit Fondue			Leigh Ann Perry		1 Table
Music Association	Performances/Concert		John Reynolds		???
PhiSigSig		Gong Show			Melanie Chabot		Stage / Mics / Lights
Quadfest		Tech Smash / Project Burning	Craig & Aimee		Harrington Loading Dock / Seal
Residential Services	Dunk Tank			Chris Neumier		---
SAS			Pie Eating Contest		Renee Charpentier	4 Tables
SGA			Mural				Jen Reese		2 Tables
SOMA			SOMA Demo			Greg MacLeod		???
SocComm - Films		Interview w/A Vampire - Friday	Willy Nunn		Perreault Hall
SocComm - MSEC		Concert / Games			Kevin Boyd		Harrington
SocComm - Publicity	Publicity			Aimee Murawski		---
TauBetaPi		Kazoos				Kim Sargent		1 Table
Veggie Society		Veggie Food / Info		Ian Fenty		1 Table
WWPI			Music on the Quad		Jony Laplante		1 Table

Bruce Smick Amusements	Novelty Events (see below)	Bruce Smick
	Joust		30' x 30'	110V/5A  - 100 ft.
	Velcro Obstacle	25' x 45'	110V/15A - 100 ft.
	Moonbounce	25' x 25'	110V/15A - 100 ft.
	GyroScope	15' x 15'	No power.
	Dunk Tank	20' x 20'	No power - away from power.
	Temp Tatoos	2 tables	No power.

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Last Modified: April 15, 1998