Quadfest Committee '99

Minutes from the 02/02/99 meeting

Members Present:

poolboy, barlow, will, debra, maria, chad

What's your favorite 7-legged animal?

So, what happened?

  • No one showed up
  • Poolboy explained what Quadfest is
  • Poolboy reviewed our theme choices
  • People there gave blank stares
  • Made an annoucement that we got 7 walkie-talkies

    More ideas we had for Quadfest

  • Motorized keg races
  • ISC thinking about doing ballon animals and temporary tatoos
  • Try to get Indie-fest back
  • Getting beer from Wachusett
  • Yeah - Orange Crush
  • Might get a climbing wall from EMS

    Other stuff

  • Nobody likes bonfires
  • Josh can't handle more than the scrambler
  • Cabaret taking Alden annoys us
    Quadfest never regretted breaking up with its girlfriend... even after the bruises.

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