Quadfest Committee '99

Minutes from the 02/09/99 meeting

Members Present:

poolboy, barlow, debra, Andrea S, Eric Wilhelm, Carl Messina, beaker, Will, Chad

What's your 7th favorite TV show?

We chose a theme today! "What is it?" you ask

VII Yep, that's it, plain and simple. An almost unanimous vote made 7 this year's working theme. It may be modified slightly to something like "The year of the 7" Other themes not chosen can be used to tag events or for advertising, etc.

What we've got going on

  • UMOC
  • ISC - ballon animals and temporary tatoos
  • Gong show
  • MSEC
  • Indie-Fest
  • Jazz groups
  • Tech Smash (use shot puts this year?)
  • Project Burning

    Ideas for sponsors for Q7

  • Kaplan
  • 92.5
  • Polar
  • Morgan Construction
  • Norton Co.
  • Get other ideas from the CDC

    Other stuff

  • Josh wants to mud wrestle
  • If we add three sides to the quad, it will have 7 sides
    Remember when your mom gave you that horrible haircut and everyone laughed at you? Quadfest was your friend then, and still is now.

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