Quadfest Committee '99

Minutes from the 02/16/99 meeting

Members Present:

poolboy, barlow, S Donahue, debra, Amber, Will, Maria, Chad, beaker

Of the 7 dwarves, who's your favorite?

We've got some organizations doing stuff

  • ISC - Temp tatoos and balloons
  • Sig Pi - Tech Smash
  • SGA - Mural?
  • Res Services - Dunk Tank?
  • TKE - ?
  • LCA - ?

    General Notes

  • Deadline for Logo and T-Shirt ideas is March 30
  • Beaker is now our Campus Police liason

    Other stuff

  • Sean D likes Offspring
  • The Gong Show rep didn't show
  • Unlike world governments, Quadfest learns from its mistakes
    Quadfest comes in early to work every day and stays until midnight. It even works harder than Grandpa did back in the old country.

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