Quadfest Committee '99

Minutes from the 02/23/99 meeting

Members Present:

poolboy, barlow, Sean D, debra, julie, Amber, Chad

What do you do 7 times a day?

So, what happened?

  • We voted on what kinds of stuff to get from Bruce
  • Bids being put in by MSEC discussed
  • We think that having little events for 7 days would be cool. The 7 days of Quadfest. Yes.
  • We started getting a schedule together - very rough.

    Notes for Quadfest

  • Gong Show wants to be on Friday night
  • ISC thinking about doing ballon animals and temporary tatoos
  • Try to get Indie-fest back
  • Getting beer from Wachusett
  • Yeah - Orange Crush
  • Might get a climbing wall from EMS

    Other stuff

  • Willy's interviewing with Clairol
  • We can have casino night if we declare ourselves a Native American reservation
  • Deb likes video games
    All Quadfest ever wanted for Christmas was that spotted pony, but you went and got it socks.

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