Quadfest Committee '99

Minutes from the 03/02/99 meeting

Members Present:

poolboy, barlow, Will Nunn, debra, Kathy Pacheco, Amber, beaker, Melanie Tetreault, Nate Turner

What's your favorite soup?

So, what happened?

  • Everyone was stunned by finals week
  • We got a price on a bunch of stuff from Burce and voted on a carnival ride.
  • We pulled in ideas for companies to solicit money from - Greg gave us go ahead on sending out letters.
  • We went home to finish our homework and projects

    Things to note

  • EMS suqad is all over the food on the quad
  • Hmm... Movie on the quad on Friday night?
  • Publicity crew is being formed - right now debra and Ian Munger
  • Marshmallows for project burning would be cool
  • Melanie is the Res Services contact

    Other stuff

  • 16 men on a dead man's chest
  • "Quadfest 7 - Celebration of the Manatee" has a nice ring to it
  • Melanie is list dyslexic
    Being the youngest child in the family, Quadfest was always the one stuck shovelling the driveway.

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