VII Committee

April 30th - May 1st, 1999

This Year's Theme!

VII Plain and simple. This year's theme is 7. It's very flexible, it's unbiased, and it's a major source of calcuim. The theme may be modified slightly to The year of the 7 or some such thing. Things like the 7 deadly sins, the 7 wonders of the world, lucky 7's, etc. can be tied to events during the day, or may just be used for advertising.

What You'll Find @ Quadfest VII

Check out the Master List of events and event sponsors. This list is constantly updated and should be considered correct. Only those organizations who have contacted us prior to Quadfest will be allowed to participate. No organization may collect money for any reason, and the selling of merchanidise is strictly prohibited. Everything you'll find at Quadfest is FREE, and soveneir t-shirts are available for a small fee (to help defray the cost of the extreme excitement you'll find at Quadfest).

Meeting Minutes

For monetary purposes, Quadfest now falls under the domain of Soccomm. And, being that we are ofically budgeted by SGA, we thought we'd share with you the process by which we decided how to spend your money.

All of the earth-friendly minutes that follow are made out of 100% recycled electrons in order to further Quadfest's efforts to protect our natural resources.

The Chairs...

The senior Quad chairs for Quadfest this year are:
Planning Chairs:
Jon Barlow, jbarlow@wpi.edu
Josh Cloutier, poolboy@wpi.edu
Day-Of Chairs:
Willy Nunn, tanis@wpi.edu
Amanda Santos, mmsantos@wpi.edu
There are also sub-chairs, in charge of specific tasks for this year's Quadfest. They are:
Publicity Sub-chairs
Event Sub-chairs
Plant Services Man
Sean Donahue
Campus Police
Seth Flagg

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Last Modified: March 16, 1999