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What is QuadFest?

QuadFest is a massive campus unity event entirely concieved, organized and run by an independent group of students. We have no affiliation with Student Activities or any other campus planning group. The idea for a Quad Festival came from a group of students, who approached the 1993 SocComm Executive Board looking for support for their event. At that time there was much talk (and little action) by people about the WPI Community and how to improve it. Much the same way that WPI is organized into different layers of administration, faculty, and support staff, the student body is split into groups which don't interact much: on-campus students, off-campus students, commuters, greeks and grad students. These groups of students only interact accademically, with very little social interaction.

The basic idea was to combine a "Spring Week" type activity with a large unity event. This would involve many people in essentially what was to be a huge party on the Quadrangle, known as the Quad, without the negative issues surrounding Spree Day held previously at WPI and currently at Clark University. Both Spree Days have been criticized by the amount of drinking that traditionally has occured and the image that it was school-sanctioned.

About This Year's Quadfest

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How Can I Get Involved?

Planning for Quadfest IX is underway. WPI student organizations who would like to take part in or help us plan Quadfest IX, email us! We hold weekly planning meetings, and we need campus-wide involement to help keep things rolling! So, if you or your organization can provide ideas, manpower, or donate money, please feel free to email us.

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