Quadfest is upon us once again, and as usual, the events involved require a great deal of space to run. As such, we, the Quadfest Committee, are asking for the cooperation of everyone on campus to help us out and avoid parking on the Quad in the indicated locations at the times specified below. The areas will be marked the days of events.

Vehicles in restricted areas during these times that interfere with the events of Quadfest may be moved, but only as a last resort. We want to avoid the need to have cars moved, which is why we ask that any campus members who tend to park in these areas at these times avoid doing so for the dates indicated. However, if a vehicle does interfere with Quadfest efforts, and we are unable to remedy the situation in any other way, it will be moved.

We understand that this does create an inconvenience, but it is only for a few days, and the fun and entertainment of Quadfest is well worth the effort. We thank you for your cooperation. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, contact the Quadfest Committee

Tuesday, April 24th

On Tuesday, April 24th there will be several events on occuring on the Quad from Noon-4PM. The Magic Bus Mobile Ice Cream Parlor will be on the Quad from Noon-4PM. This is a large double-decker bus that requires a great deal of space. There will also be several activity tables set up on the Quad that will require some buffer space. The grayed areas on the map below indicate the sections of the parking lot restricted for that day, all day.

Friday, April 27th

On the evening of Friday, April 27th, there will be a movie on the Quad. This requires several sections to be cleared for equipment. Carnival rides for Saturday's festivities will also be arriving on Friday, and need to be stored until they can be setup. To accomodate these, the grayed areas on the map below must be clear all day Friday.

Evening of Friday, April 27th and Saturday, April 28th

At the end of the day Friday, April 27th, the entire Quad lot will need to be cleared. The large carnival ride and the other events for the Saturday festivities need to be setup. There is a large amount of equipment that must be moved around, cabling that must be run, and space is a very big issue. The access road along the football field will also need to be cleared as equipment trucks and band busses will be arriving Saturday for the They Might Be Giants concert Saturday night. The map below indicates generally the areas that are restricted beginning 5PM Friday through Saturday.

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Last Updated: April 19, 2001